hen & god

West is a kick- ass poet with a big heart. She has a tone you can’t teach, combining a sharp spark and a good mind. This is out of the ordinary writing and a secret code for success. There’s unlimited space beneath her lines because she’s re-creating the poem in layers. Peel it back the poem’s still game. There’s more meaning waiting.
— Grace Cavalieri, Washington Independent Review of Books

Hen & God is available via

Small Press Distribution, Amazon, and directly from The Word Works.

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Cover art by Clovis Blackwell

Cover art by Clovis Blackwell



More praise for Hen & God

"Characters farfetched and familiar populate these poems: they live by their wits and play at the edge of wit's end. From the 'crackle and breath' of voices, Amber West calls back and sings forth- making lifelines to cross the precipice."

-Phillis Levin, author of Mr. Memory & Other Poems

"The many voices of Hen & God sound out the broken-down reality that is these United States of America. West traces histories of America's misery across coasts and cultures towards a resistant present and future joy."

-Modesto Jimenez, author of Oye, Para Mi Querido Brooklyn (Listen, for My Dear Brooklyn)

"Amber West offers so many pleasures here: wise-ass speeches by the gods, feminist animal fables, pirate sonnets, and blues songs for the gorgeously gone-wrong. This poet hears Las Vegas speaking with the voice of a gangster-drunk craving water; she hears the sounds little boys don't make when their moms' boyfriends lock them out of the house; she's captured the theatrical rage of Black Friday crowds that can crush a man. Whip-smart, angry, and tender by turns, West's poems aren't afraid to call on some of the oldest traditions in English verse to electrify the dramas of 21st century urban life."

-V. Penelope Pelizzon, author of Nostos


Hen & God is available for purchase via Small Press Distribution, Amazon, and directly from The Word Works. Readings, workshops, and performances, Egg Up! Book Tour; see Performances for more details.